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Random from Siderians drawn by others

Thanks for all this art! :heart::heart:

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Stian, my big white cat (a siderian) Running his way to 'paradise'
"The core principle of freedom, is the only notion to obey" - from the song Gateways, by Dimmu Borgir.

BlackMysticA in reallife :)

Mystic luvs snow...

My stamp dump

Reign of Cheederians - Shine by BlackMysticAReign of Cheederians - Stian by BlackMysticA
Random Stamps ;P
Stamp: Nature - Everyday Magic by FantasyStockAvatarsI'm dreaming of snow... by PixieRiotI love Snow by mcericI Love Forests Stamp by RiNymph-StockNature IIIII by stamps-of-yore:Winter Nights by skinnyveestampNorway Stamp by l8Flag: Netherlands by TheStampKingPERKELE -stamp by Sysirautaevolution stamp by ApsaravisLet's Do Science by ririnyanBiohazard Stamp by SinMisericordia21environment stamp by environmentSnow Skiing by vintage-cowbellsGimme Coffee by SadiyaBaileys Stamp by KaytanaPhoenixVillains Rule XII by renatalmarCAPS LOCK RAEG by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeBlack Metal stamp by wyldravenPentagram 3 by skinnyveestampTucking Fyhpos ++STAMP++ by BlueRefugeNo more arguments about this by G-manluver.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI understand evolution by G-manluverMature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoSupport Honest Critique by JDiPierrobiology stamp by GinhebiThing For Chaos by Foxxie-Chanstamp :: cat lover by octobre-rougeI love Oriental Longhairs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Lynx by WishmasterAlchemistWolverines. by Monster-BoarDeers. by Monster-Boarbird stamp 2 by ivadesignFish Stamp for reveriexx by kuro-stampsFav and RUN 2 - stamp by JWiesnerRespect plant life - Stamp by JWiesnerCarnivora Stamp by KhalliysI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistThe Three Hyenas - Stamp by DeviantArtHyenasHappy Toothless Stamp by beffalumpsI love Spiders by WishmasterAlchemistSnakes. by Monster-BoarSlow interwebz by prosaixCalm Down Wolf Fans by genkistampsGood wolf ''fan'' stamp by Shendificatorscrew the wolf by sJ-ePSoulmates by IshdakittyHomo sapiens by skinnyveestampAtheist Stamp by TranscendenceEnginePositive Thinking Stamp by cjqueen76Karate Stamp by pokeibuniHouse Lannister Stamp by asphycsia
Population control hypocrisy by OnyxNocturneThink outside the box - Stamp by JWiesner

:headbang: MY NOISE (see more on my LastFM accout
Dimmu Borgir Stamp by Dragon-StigmataMetallica by nostuArkona Stamp by Born-of-WolvesMoonsorrow stamp by KivutarNightwish by skinnyveestampDark funeral by old-mc-donaldRammstein stamp by kurokimashinChildren Of Bodom by cirruswolfApocalyptica by skinnyveestampKamelot band stamp by hmryzWithin Temptation Stamp WT by Lady-KiwiDissection by old-mc-donaldSirenia by skinnyveestampkorpiklaani stamp by zomestamp



:icondarkneomy: :iconlittlemisssaasha: :iconantivulano: :iconthatdude9795: :icondrakynwyrm:


Nordic Flying Dutch BIONERD
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Rumplestiltskin's Dark Castle - oh no; it's actually my little, way-too-full spot near the roller-coaster forest in Trondheim.

I'm a weird but happy and biologist who lives together with my large fantasy felid ('siderian') characters in a big forest of neurons. I'm originally Dutch, but moved the the country that really feels home: Norway. I ran out of the Dutch highway-hell right into the nature. So you find me either in the forest or drawing - simple life, isn't it? I usually draw in a realistic, dark, cold and mystic fantasy style. I mainly draw siderians and work on my graphic novel - next to commissions and such.

Personal Quote: Dopamine?, caffeine?...oh no, that's gonna be wrong...FICK MU CApsclock
Quotes I really support:
- Aldri så galt at det ikke er godt for noe - never so bad that it's not good for something.
- What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
- We are all running into a disaster...(about the coming dramatic changes on to our own species) - Prof.dr.J.Reumer


On holiday until the 10th of July

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 18, 2014, 6:43 AM
I'm going on holiday today and will be back the 10th of July. I'm sorry that I couldn't update my comic now, but I'm nearly finished with the next page and will submit it soon after I'm back. I'm going to make a trip though south-west Norway with :iconriverraven: her boyfriend and a gang of informatics nerds. They come to pick me up in Trondheim, where I live and we will go all the way to the south, where they take the boat back to Denmark and I will take the train back to Trondheim. I'm looking forward to some holiday after that bloody long and hard exam period. I'm finished with my studies; meaning I now have a teacher degree and can teach in biology and science (I've a Msc in biology already) on secondary schools and high-schools. So after the holiday I have to find a job as teacher and I will try to combine it with some more serious artwork. I hope to work as both artist and teacher, or as biologist...if I find something with that. Enough options, but it all depends on the job-marked in Norway- an uncertain future but I will find something...hopefully...probably.
But first: holiday! I'm leaving soon today :)

Anyway enjoy my graphic novel so far:

** Reign of Siderians - Theory of Mind **

RoC: Theory of Mind p1 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p2-3 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p4 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p5 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p6-7 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p8 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p9 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p10 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind prologue p10b by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind prologue p10c by BlackMysticA
Chapter 1 - Through Blue Eyes
RoC Theory of Mind p11 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 1 p11b by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 1 p11c by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 1 p11d by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 1 p11e by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p12 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p13 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p14 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p15 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p16 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p17 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p18 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p19 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p20 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p21 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p22 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p23 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p24 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p25 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p26 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p27 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p28 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p29 by BlackMysticARoC_Theory of Mind p30 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p31 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p32 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p33 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p34 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p35 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p36 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p37 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p38 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p39 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p40 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p41 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p42 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p43 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p44 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p45 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p46 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p47 by BlackMysticARoC Theory of Mind p48 by BlackMysticA
Chapter 2: The following past
RoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p49 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p50 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p51 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p52 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p53 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p54 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p55 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p56 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p57 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p58 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p59 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p60 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p61 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p62 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p63 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p64 by BlackMysticARoS Theory of Mind chapter 2 p65 by BlackMysticA

**Siderians- my original feline species** (previously known as cheederians)

Siderians (Metafelis lamnis) are large mammals of the order carnivora, family Felidae, and have the appearance of a powerful and mighty predator. They are build for stalking, a quick acceleration at high speed, making quick, flexible jumps and taking down large prey. The average siderian looks like a feline hybrid (a hybrid between the extreme type Siamese and Oriental longhair, tiger and some Eurasian lynx elements)as tall as a small horse (150-160 cm at the shoulder), large retractile claws and a large brain-cage. This highly cognitive species is able to use metaphysic energy for advanced techniques. They use their energy-sensitive lightals (little metal blades on their ears and muzzle) for this. The siderians roam the Northern hemisphere with the highest density in the Rocky Mountains, Norway & Sweden, Siberia and the Alps. Sirians live mainly solidarity or in pairs but can have friend and family bonds as well - however they all time hunt alone or in pairs - group hunting is a rare exception. They do not depend on the society but create common information and metaphysics resources they call 'metaclusters'. The advanced cognitive abilities and highly developed language makes them very anthropomorphic at as it comes to behaviour. However, siderians also show behaviour typical for felids, like purring and meowing like sounds :). You can meet some of my siderian characters here on DA, which all have an individual storyline and personality.


I'm selectively open for commissions- but am very busy so I can't guarantee anything! Note me for more info!
If I got extra commissions and got some extra money out of it, I donate it to the following organisations (emails of donation confirmations will be forwarded to the commission giver as prove)

-Feline Conservation Federation
-Cheetah Conservation Fund

I'm rather busy and therefore I don't take requests. Email or note me if you are interested in a commission so that we can come to a price.

Traditional art is also possible, but only if you live in Europe. For more details you can send me note/mail.
These prices are excluding shipping costs. I live in Norway (Europe), so you have to seek out how much it costs to send an original to your country. I send digital art by e-mail. If you don't live in Europe, I only do requests for digital art.

I only accept paypal payments to but from Norway and the Netherlands I accept payment by internet banking as well.
Mail/note me for more more details.

  • Mood: Zest
  • Listening to: birds and the Rains of Castamere in my head
  • Reading: A Game of Thrones
  • Watching: my computer screen
  • Eating: apple



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GalaxyPanther Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Photographer
Woah, why haven't I been watching you before! Your amazing is stunningly beautiful! :heart:
BlackMysticA Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! Hehe that's motivating to hear :)
GalaxyPanther Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Photographer
Your welcome
HawkThePhoenix Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Accepting commissions?
BlackMysticA Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yep, just note/mail me and I can see what I can do for you :)
LJEKC Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014

Welcome to Fantasy-NPC :)


Vannjaren Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
Hey there Mystic! :D
I was wondering if you'd be interested in this journal of mine, I recently decided to do a "Frequently Asked Questions" / "FAQs" journal on my Krovendraekk.
It's basically just about letting people ask questions which may not have occurred to me as their designer, owner and general ADDICT, just to give people an opportunity to voice their curiosities, but also to give me ideas about things to include on future references. (since some things are obvious to me but I might not have realised that it wasn't explained for other people)

I haven't had many comments on it yet, but I was wondering if you'd like to ask me a question, since you have your own epic species and I can imagine you might have some very interesting questions too as a fellow fantasy enthusiast, and also since you're an epic biologist. ^^

Of course, you definitely don't have to, but I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to post a question on it. ^^
Some other questions and answers are posted in the comments, might be interesting to read other's questions and the answers to them, though again I know you're not overly fond of text-walls.
Still, even if you didn't reply or anything, even just a question would be awesome and would make a great contribution.

Equally, if you don't like the idea, I don't mind at all, have a great day and thanks for just being awesome in general and even talking to me in the first place. ^^

Here's the journal  -…
HawIucha Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  New member
I have a question.
I wanna get into a biology / zoology field. I'm very passionate about it, and very ambitious.  But I am very curious: Is it truly an enjoyable job?  And do you get to be with animals very often?   But I've never heard input from another person before. :) Thank you!
BlackMysticA Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! During the studies it varies, depending on the university and the courses you follow. If you do research in animal biology (behaviour and ecology are my specializations) - you can be a few weeks int he field and the rest of the time you spend usually analysing data, reading articles, presenting your work,write scientific papers and trying to get funding for your research... But the few weeks of fieldwork can be nice, but you need to be lucky. You can always be field assistant at a research institution as well- this gave me experience with lynx tracking and marking Arctic fox pups. I must say that I love the field of biology and science, but that science is A LOT more than only observing animals...and it's hard work...but very interesting too 8D
HawIucha Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  New member
This comment is fantastic x)  

This really just makes me want to get into the field more. Thank you so much for your input. c:
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